claim an acre bonneville salt flats

Register a one acre lot in your name with the Bonneville Land registry for only $500.00 and you can become an Executive member of the Bonneville land Registry. Dedicate five or more acres of the Bonneville Salt Flats and become A Founding Member.

By becoming a member of the Bonneville Registry, you are claiming an acre of Bonneville Salt Flat land. Your parcel will be registered with the U S Library of Congress in your name and listed in the Save Bonneville Registry website. The Registry will also contribute to the construction of the new Wendover Speedway Museum, which will inspire the next generation of Bonneville caretakers. This fundraising is critical to enable the restoration of the Bonneville Salt Flats with the building of a new Bonneville containment dyke to help save the salt flats.

Complete details will be posted on this site one week.

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